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2018 Salem Land Trust Events


Amphibians at Walden Preserve – a Family Event!, Friday evening, April 6, 5:30 P.M.

Diba Khan-Bureau Ph.D. will lead.  Diba is Professor and Program Coordinator for Environmental Engineering Technology and Biology TAP Pathway in the Science and Math Department at Three Rivers Community College.  A number of her students from the Environmental Engineering Technology program will be there to help the participants find “Spring Peepers” and other creatures.  This adventure is extremely popular with families and for children of all ages.  No rain date, remember amphibians love the rain! Please call 859-3520 for more information.


Spring Birds of Salem, Saturday May 12, 7:30 A.M., The Mumford Farm

Please join David Bingham for the Annual Salem Spring Bird Count.  The birds that nest in Salem will have returned and all Salem residents and friends are invited to come and enjoy a wonderful walk with nature at its most colorful. Please park at the Mumford House, #3 White Birch Rd., and call 859-3520 for information. Rain Date May 13th.


Owls, Owls, Owls! Presented by “A Place Called Hope”   Sunday May 20, 2-3 PM

Location: Treasure Hill Farm Equestrian Center 523, Old Colchester Rd. (Rt. 354), Salem, CT

Please come, meet and learn all about Amber, the Great Horned Owl; Zen, the Barred Owl; Lunar, a tiny Northern Saw Whet Owl and Kokopelli, an Eastern Screech Owl!  “A Place called Hope” is a raptor rehabilitation center in Killingworth, CT run entirely by volunteers.  Their biggest thrill is to be able to return an injured bird back to the wild, but, sometimes that is not possible.  Birds that cannot be set-free often become “ambassadors” who travel and teach people about amazing birds of prey.


 Connecticut & National Trails Day, Saturday, June 2, 9:00 – 11:30 A.M.,  340 West Rd., Salem

Everyone is invited to join David Bingham as he leads hikers along old logging roads that crisscross 255 private acres on West Rd.  This is the first time this land has been opened to the public.  In early June we will likely see and hear interior forest birds such as Cerulean Warblers as well as other wildlife and spring flora. The Salem Land Trust has an option to acquire and preserve this acreage.  The property is made up of 3 parcels that will be purchased at a bargain sale, and a 4th parcel that will be donated to SLT.  Total Distance, 2.5 mi.; Hiking boots suggested, please remember to bring your own water.

Meeting Place: 340 West Rd., Salem, CT.  Unpaved, rough road leads to Parking area at the interior of the property.  Limited parking, please car pool.  Call 860-859-3520 for more information, and to accept invitation. Rain date June 3.


Butterfly Walk at Walden Preserve, Sunday, July 8, 9:30 A.M.

Rich Chyinski will show hikers the amazing varieties of butterflies that live and migrate through the Walden Preserve.  These Butterfly Walks are very popular with children.  Rich has a technique that allows him to safely “catch” these delicate creatures; keep them in hand for the children (and adults!) to study, and then let them fly free. Call 860-859-3520 for more information.


 Salem Land Trust Annual Meeting

Date October (t/b/a) 7:00 p.m., Salem Town Hall, Salem

Presentations by local naturalists & scientists

All invited! – Refreshments served